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Polyurethane Bushings vs. Rubber Bushings

Polyurethane Bushings vs. Rubber Bushings

There is always a long debate when comparing polyurethane bushings vs. rubber bushings. There are many advantages to using polyurethane suspension bushings that rubber suspension bushings do not offer. Poly bushings are usually only available as aftermarket products, while rubber comes on nearly every vehicle from the factory.

The advantages to using Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings include longer life, better handling, more strength, and corrosion resistant. Polyurethane is also man made so it does not become affected by ozone and will never dry or degrade. Rubber always dries up and becomes brittle after so much time spent outside.

Rubber becomes weak overtime and does not maintain its firmness. Energy Suspension bushings stay firm throughout their life and last 5 to 10 times longer than rubber. Although Energy Suspension bushings are firmer than factory, they are not firm enough to create a rough ride. Some vehicles can be very sloppy on the road and polyurethane bushings will clean this up.

Suspension bushings are also designed to handle the weight of your vehicle along with torque from your engine. Heavier vehicles need stronger bushings and that is where Energy Suspension products come into use. They can handle additional horsepower in which rubber would not.

Noise can sometimes be a factor if the suspension bushings are not greased properly. Some squeaking will occur but this is nothing that the owner cannot fix. Energy bushings come both greased and non-greased for certain applications.

There is also no difference between colors. Energy Suspension produces their poly bushings in red and black for appearance purpose only.