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Sport Compact Energy Suspension Bushings

Sport Compact Energy Suspension Bushings

Energy Suspension bushings are the best automotive bushings that money can buy for your sports compact vehicle. Not only do they outperform your current rubber bushings, but they will make you feel like you are in a different vehicle. Their polyurethane bushings are meant to stiffen up your car's suspension and make it handle like you have always wanted. There are certain things that cannot be replaced on your vehicle, but suspension bushings can be and they should be as well.

Polyurethane bushings should actually be equipped on every sport compact car, but since it is cheaper and more cost effective to make them from rubber, nearly every sport compact vehicle comes with rubber bushings from the factory. You buy a brand new vehicle and you do not even get the benefits of polyurethane bushings. This can be frustrating, but Energy Suspension bushings will solve your problems in a heartbeat. They are easy to install since they are replacing each specific part.

Sport compact vehicles are used for everyday driving as well as high performance racing on the track or drag strip. Polyurethane bushings will give the car that extra edge it needs to be even quicker around turns so there is less body roll. From sway bar bushings to control arm bushings, Energy Suspension bushings will tighten up every component that they are used on.

Aside from enhancing the driving experience, polyurethane bushings will also keep your suspension aligned to prevent uneven tire wear. Factory bushings are very soft and allow your suspension to shift when it encounters bumps and uneven surfaces. What this does is cause your toe and camber to be out of spec. A vehicle that is not aligned properly will have premature tire wear along with other suspension problems and polyurethane bushings will save you money in the long run.

Polyurethane bushings will also keep your various suspension components in check for your sport compact vehicle. These vehicles are small and quick and need a strong chassis and suspension to keep it in check. When the rubber bushings start to wear out, the driver will notice more body roll and more wear on suspension parts like sway bars, control arms and struts. This can be prevented by upgrading to Energy Suspension bushings.

Motor mounts and motor mount inserts are very popular in the sport compact market. These Energy Suspension bushings play a vital role in keeping your engine from vibrating, which will help your vehicle maintain power during hard shifts and keep the components around it safe. When a motor mount fails, parts that are connected to the engine can crack and cause many problems. There is no telling what the engine will do, but you can bet that it would be catastrophic. Energy Suspension designs motor mounts and motor mount inserts for all sorts of sport compact vehicles.

Weight and torque play a huge role in wearing out your factory rubber bushings. Although small, sport compact cars still weigh a lot and put strain on the bushings. Polyurethane bushings can handle the weight without flexing and wearing out like rubber bushings do.

Performance auto parts will add horsepower and torque to your engine which needs the proper suspension components to handle this added power. Polyurethane bushings are designed to be strong enough to handle any amount of torque and are perfect for sport compact vehicles that have superchargers and turbo chargers added to their engine. Polyurethane bushings can rebound much faster than rubber and the driver can take corners much quicker as well without experiencing increased body roll. Going fast is nothing if the vehicle is not properly equipped with the right suspension components.

Sport compact polyurethane bushings also resist against outside elements and harmful contaminants so your high performance vehicle can use the bushings at their best. Oils, undercar chemicals like exhaust gases and other harmful contaminants eat through the rubber bushings and make them unsafe. Polyurethane bushings will keep your car handling at its best during every season. They also make great show pieces as they are available in both black and red.