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HPS Hoses

Fluids and air need a way of traveling to and from the vehicle's engine. Various hoses and connections make this possible. HPS hoses provide many advantages when replacing the factory engine hoses. The engine bay is a hot area and debris can build up from daily use. Factory rubber hoses are not meant for supreme performance. HPS silicone hoses enhance everything from appearance to performance and more. The quality of an HPS hose is nothing short of perfect.

Temperatures in the engine bay can reach high numbers. Coolant and vacuum hoses need to withstand these high temperatures to perform like they should. HPS coolant and HPS vacuum hoses replace the factory rubber hoses for an increase in performance and appearance. Silicone is much more durable than rubber. HPS silicone hoses are available in many different sizes and styles to accommodate each vehicle. The HPS coolant hose come in different colors that the user can coordinate with the vehicle's color theme. Factory rubber hoses can fade rather quickly and start to corrode. Not to mention they do not look very appealing under the hood. HPS automotive hoses will enhance the appearance of any vehicle. Their outside surface is coated so they will not fade or corrode. The HPS coolant hose allows coolant to travel to the radiator where it is cooled down. From the radiator, it travels through another hose to the engine. HPS silicone coolant tubes allow for quicker and more efficient flow.

Automotive vacuum hoses have many different jobs. They can be used for the intake manifold, emission control system, windshield wipers, engine breather, valve cover, and air intake. HPS vacuum hoses are crafted of high quality silicone which can handle extreme temperatures and high pressure. HPS hoses are designed with a thick wall which will prevent any possible leaks. Custom engine builds need variety when putting the engine back in a vehicle. HPS hoses can be cut to any size, and they also have various fittings available to accommodate tight spaces. All HPS vacuum hoses can be had in numerous colors that will look great in any engine bay. They are extremely flexible and will not crack or split. They will provide the vehicle owner with confidence and durability. The vehicle's engine will also be thankful. It will be more efficient and last longer.

HPS Hoses

The air intake hose is restrictive from the factory. Air is not able to flow efficiently due to the design of the air tube. HPS silicone air intake hose replaces the factory and increase air flow. This will allow the engine to run more efficient leading to increased fuel mileage and added performance. The inside of the hose is smooth which will not restrict any air coming in from the filter. Factory air intake tubes have vanes on the inside of the hose which slows down air flow. This design causes the engine to run less efficient which robs the vehicle of horsepower. Heat soak is also reduced when using HPS hoses. They deflect hot temperatures while keeping the inside of the hose cool. Adding this hose can increase horsepower of up to 5. For such a small and inexpensive part, it really improves engine efficiency.

High performance engines need the best flow of both fluids and air. HPS silicone hoses are the number one choice for performance vehicles. High powered engines and track enthusiasts need faster flow for engine fluids and increased air flow for the engine. The demanding high speeds will tear apart factory rubber hoses.

Maintenance of various engine components must be kept up with. Any engine hose is crucial to how well the engine operates. HPS hoses are available for nearly every vehicle. Their quality is unmatched from any other manufacturer. The company is well known throughout the car enthusiast industry as well. Fittings and couplers can rust overtime and allow air and fluids to leak. HPS fittings are durable and will not fail.