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Automotive engine can heat up very quick depending on the temperature and how much driving is being done. Cooling the engine is done by one main component, which is the engine's radiator. Any automotive radiator provides the engine with low temperature liquid, also called coolant. A CSF radiator is a quality part that replaces the old and worn factory one. All of their products are designed to increase air flow along with engine efficiency. A proper cooling system is vital to keep any vehicle running.

The vehicle's thermostat is what controls the engine's coolant flow. When you first start the car, the temperature can be low in which cooler liquid is not needed. When the engine starts to run and heat up, the thermostat will open and allow coolant and water to pass through. This combination is stored in the automotive radiator. The coolant picks up heat from inside the engine and travels back to the radiator. The radiator then cools off the liquid using the outside air coming in. This process is unique and is required for any automotive engine. CSF radiator provides products from factory fitment up to high performance applications.

Keeping the vehicle's cooling system in check is vital to proper engine performance. CSF radiator has designed their products for exact fitment to replace the factory one. There is no modification or cutting needed for them to fit. This makes their parts very appealing since other manufacturers require some sort of modification to make it work. Leaks in the radiator are not uncommon. Since they are mounted in the front of the engine, they must handle great deals of road debris like sticks and stones. Factory radiators can wear out rather quickly with lots of driving. Using a CSF Radiator will provide the driver with confidence and added efficiency from the engine.

Aluminum radiators are very common today. Steel radiators are a thing of the past since they are very heavy and costly to repair or replace. Aluminum radiators perform much better and they are lightweight and easy to repair. CSF radiator offers aluminum radiators for both performance and factory replacement. CSF performance radiators are constructed of all-aluminum which is great for high performance and street racing. Lightweight is the main goal in this design. With so much weight from the engine, any additional weight on the front will slow the car down.

Repairing aluminum radiators is easy as well. Instead of buying a new one, take it to an aluminum welder and have the cracks welded to restore the part. Money can be spent on something else rather than a new one. The fins on the components can also be repaired. Rocks splatter all over the radiator and can bend the fins. The fins can easily be straightened with tweezers. This will allow for better air flow.

A problem that may occur is the thermostat getting clogged and not open. This can cause failure from the radiator. If the part does not get coolant, it will overheat and a replacement radiator will be needed. Upgrading to a CSF radiator at this time will be very beneficial to your engine. Proper maintenance is crucial to prevent the engine from seizing up. If the automotive radiator fails, the engine will seize as a result because it cannot be cooled. Coolant levels must be maintained as well. The engine will overheat if it doesn't receive enough coolant. This isn't the end of the world, though. An overheated engine just needs some time to cool down. After it is cool, add some fluid and the car will be up and running again.

For extreme conditions and off-road conditions, the CSF radiator is available in an all-metal design. This is perfect for heavy-duty trucks and off-road vehicles. The steel design can handle any type of debris and still perform just as good. The aluminum is too soft for heavy-duty applications. Weight is not an issue for heavy-duty vehicles. The steel works just as well as aluminum, but with additional weight. Quality and performance is kept with either of these parts from CSF radiator.