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Adjustable Fuel Pump

Fass fuel systems

One of the biggest advantages the Fass adjustable fuel pump offers is custom ability. You can set the pressure however you choose using a 1/8” Allen plug. It is very easy. All you have to do is turn it clockwise to increase or counter-clockwise to decrease and the Fass adjustable fuel pump will perform at that setting. The pump is set at 10 PSI (pressure per square inch), but having the option to set it according to your engine’s distinct characteristics supports overall efficiency of the system, helping components last longer and performance to increase. Fass adjustable fuel pumps are available for both Duramax and Cummins 2500 or 3500 engines.

Updating your truck’s diesel fuel system means maintaining appropriate pressure. With a Fass fuel pump, you are better able to manage how the pressure affects both engine function and filtration. This is aided by the boost compensation port. What the boost compensation port does is use the turbo’s performance as a reference point for the Fass fuel pump to retain pressure that is consistent with the engine’s capability. The engine gets fed in a more balanced manner since fuel flow is opened up.

Designed for full-size trucks with moderate to high horsepower requirements, the Fass fuel pump can be seen in place in a variety of different vehicles due to its 150 GPH rating. Contractors, carpenters, and landscapers who use a Duramax configuration for work purposes need to sustain adequate fuel pressure given the demand of their trucks. However, it is not just workers who use a Fass fuel pump. Many auto enthusiasts and everyday truck owners will install one to supplement their diesel fuel systems.

Due to the increase in fuel flow some drivers may run into an issue with the OEM fuel module. This sometimes happens after installing a Duramax adjustable fuel pump. If it occurs in your vehicle the easiest way to fix it is with a Fass suction tube kit, which is designed to avoid gas distribution locations in your vehicle’s tank. You can install the kit right along with your other Fass diesel engine parts for a complete setup.

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