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Making sure your truck has the proper Chevy diesel filter setup goes a long way towards maintaining a potent engine. Rolling around and having to contend with a dragging fuel system can lead to problems in other areas. Installing a Duramax diesel fuel filter made for your truck improves several areas. Horsepower is freed, throttle response is quicker, and MPGs rise. Regardless if you use your truck for occupational or recreational purposes, having a custom Duramax diesel fuel filter will add life to your vehicle. Fass offers various options for you to choose from to upgrade over the OEM package. Duramax diesel fuel filters are available for most Chevy models 2001 and up.

One of the most common disturbances diesels have to contend with is air in the fuel line. Air, moisture, and dirt particles hold back adequate distribution. With a Duramax diesel fuel filter fuel is continuously cleaned. It is an efficient process only Fass parts offer. When contaminants enter through the port, the Duramax fuel air separator gets to work. It filters out air and moisture particles before being pressurized. From there, your engine gets a clean dose of energy to burn. Duramax fuel air separators also keep your injectors from getting worn down from extra work.

In addition to sanitizing fuel, Chevy diesel filters from Fass cut down on winter issues, as well. Paraffin in diesel can crystallize and then gel, making the pump incapable of functioning during extreme temps. To protect against cold weather starts, each unit comes with a heating port that warms up fuel. The Fass titanium system comes with the port built in while the platinum version offers it as an option. For truckers who operate in cool climates, this is a diesel fuel pump replacement that is often necessary.

Another attribute is their quietness. Chevy diesel filters utilize Fass silencing technology. This works because the unit tightly mates to nearby components without initiating clearance issues. Its placement allows the Duramax fuel air separator to remain stationary and not rattle. A coating of military-grade finish on top of the aluminum enhances the effect further. Quiet operation is prevalent on all Fass fuel system products.

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