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There are numerous Fass Chevy parts available for Duramax engines. You can choose both pumps and filters that aid in the overall efficiency of your fuel system. Diesel engines are tasked with a lot of responsibility. Often, these trucks can be found hauling equipment in harsh conditions. The fuel system is under constant strain. What Fass Chevy parts are designed to do is ensure both longevity and continuous filtration that withstands your driving lifestyle. Crafted from high quality billet aluminum and constructed specifically for Duramax configurations, you will not have to worry about performance or fitment. Fass Chevy parts also undergo scrutinizing 20-point testing before being shipped.

Versatility is crucial for HD trucks. You can select a Fass Duramax fuel pump that offers pressure adjustability using a 1/8” Allen plug. This requires little more than turning it clockwise or counter-clockwise in order to increase/decrease pressure. Once adjusted, the pressure of the Fass Duramax fuel pump will stay set to your preference. It comes preset at 10 PSI, but you can change it anytime. One of the main advantages this Fass Duramax fuel pump provides is a boost compensation port, which uses the turbo to sustain pressure. You get more fuel flow that stays balanced, even in raucous operating climates.

Another part ideal for Duramax systems is an air separator filter. Removing air and vapor from compromising fuel flow is especially important for active trucks. Chevy diesel filters come in several options from Fass. Depending on what your HP setting is, you can go with a setup that maximizes performance. Chevy diesel filters are available in the HD, titanium, or platinum series. The HD pump is the leader for class 8 vehicles able to host a large amount of volume. Both the titanium and platinum Chevy diesel filters are made the same way, but come in a more compact unit.

The goal of this filtration process is to dispel air and moisture from the fuel line before it becomes a problem. The Chevy diesel filters work by cleaning the fuel twice, continuously feeding sustainable energy into the engine. Some of the primary benefits you receive are improved fuel economy, freer HP, and fuel injection health. The Chevy diesel replacement filters also showcase radial cuts that stem dormant fuel pockets from bogging down the system.

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