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Throwing in a Fass Cummins filter promotes a stronger, more effective fuel system. Many Dodge diesel owners are looking for one of two things: They either want higher performance or to have better equipment that protects against extreme weather. Choosing the right Fass Cummins filter covers all the bases. Made of top quality billet aluminum and expertly designed specifically for your engine type, you can count on durability and long-term results. All Fass Cummins filters come backed by a 4 year warranty (must submit pertinent info to the manufacturer via mail).

Steady filtration is a must for diesel engines. If you are noticing shakes, bad starts, or low pressure, it may be time for a Cummins replacement fuel filter. In all Dodge diesels, there can be a buildup of moisture, crud, and vapor that finds its way into the fuel line. Over time, this can lead to issues with other areas of the fuel system. A Cummins replacement fuel filter is a proactive way to end problems before they begin. Its mass flow return cleans fuel by applying constant pressure as it is routed to the engine. The fuel finds its way back to the tank after being run through the Cummins replacement fuel filter twice. This ensures a constant pipeline of filtered fuel for your engine to utilize.

Dodge diesel fuel filters do not just clean fuel, they also guard against defects from the weather. In cold temperatures, paraffin is crystalized and bonds to form a gel, making starting your truck in freezing climates very difficult. Fass makes Dodge diesel fuel filters that make winter temps nearly irrelevant. The titanium series comes with two attached heater ports that heat up fuel before distributing it. The warm energy hits the Dodge diesel fuel filter, breaking up any paraffin gel so that your truck has no issues starting up. The platinum series comes with this feature, also, but as an optional attachment. Dodge diesel fuel filters connect directly to the pump for simple installation.

There are immediate benefits available with this upgrade both long and short term. Installing a Fass aftermarket filter will support higher horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. However, your Cummins diesel system will also last longer. Because the engine is being fed a diet of clean fuel, surrounding components are kept in better condition.

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