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Fass fuel systems

Truck owners use a Fass flow enhancer to improve the efficiency of their fuel injection system. Some diesel engines, specifically the Duramax 6.6 liter configuration, demonstrate low pressure, which leads to ineffective fuel distribution. The Fass flow enhancer was designed to compensate for the Duramax’s lack of a lift pump. Once installed, there is less burden on the stock fuel injection to perform. Fass flow enhancers are eligible for GM model years 2001 and up.

There are immediate benefits that are noticeable right away. Better acceleration and MPGs represent the primary advantages a Fass replacement fuel pump is responsible for. Because Duramax trucks do not include a lift pump, a vacuum effect can take hold. The fuel injection is tasked with pulling from the tank. This is how destructive vapor finds its way into your fuel. A Fass replacement fuel pump changes the process by pushing fuel into the injectors, removing the vacuuming and vapor from bogging down efficiency.

One of the part’s biggest strengths is the motor. Each Fass replacement fuel pump features a heavy duty motor to combat both extremely cold and warm weather. During the winter months, when fuel is richer, there can be hesitancy in the system when starting the vehicle. The Fass replacement fuel pump boasts a substantial torque to gear ratio that protects against stubborn starts in below-freezing temps. However, even warm climates can present challenges, especially when it comes to B-20 or B-50 fuel. This is when a diesel pusher pump can be crucial. The motor in the Fass fuel injection booster can push either fuel grade with no problem.

Thanks to its flow rate of 70 GPH (gallons per hour) at 10 PSI, this diesel pusher pump promotes boosting performance that sustains most driving conditions. It is also built to last. Your Fass diesel pusher pump comes protected by a 4 year warranty. An important reminder is how you use this part. The Duramax flow enhancer is not intended for extreme or moderate use. It is designed for stock power applications only.

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