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Fass fuel systems

More than one benefit highlights what a FASS fuel separator is designed for. Increasing the efficiency in which your diesel engine manages fuel intake not only improves performance, but it adds sustainability, as well. Filtering out air and vapor keeps gas flowing at optimal rates. A FASS fuel separator can also add life to a truck’s engine that is noticeable immediately. Bolder torque and improved MPGs are the advantages most drivers pay attention to. You can find a FASS fuel separator for most notable diesel models using OEM specs.

There are two options truck owners have to choose from, depending on the size of their hauler. FASS air fuel separator systems come in both the HD and Titanium series. The difference between the two units is the size, as both feature the same motor. Titanium series fuel pumps are made compact to allow for added clearance, most specifically for light trucks. But the intent stays the same. With a FASS air fuel separator system, your fuel injectors are getting a steady diet of cleaner fuel. Because the injectors are not being constantly bogged down by sediment, they are able to function more effectively and last longer.

A pre-installed heater port and substantial filtering capability makes the FASS Duramax pump ideal for busy engines. A bigger filter allows for continuous cleaning, which comes in handy for those on the road throughout the day during tumultuous conditions.

Durability is a main concern when it comes to fuel filtration due to how the part is mounted. Each FASS air fuel separation system is constructed of billet aluminum to endure a heated environment. But one of its biggest attributes is the noise. Instead of presenting an annoying level of volume, the FASS air fuel separator system is quieter than ever before.

You will choose based on OEM recommendations. Universal truck fuel pumps are available in a wide range of ratings from 80 GPH (gallons per hour) all the way up to 245 GPH. If you are unsure which unit is appropriate for your truck, it is suggested to look up your system’s specifications before ordering. Installing the wrong size truck fuel pump can lead to issues with the engine and hoses.

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