Fass Fuel Systems


Fass fuel systems

Bigger diesels use Fass HD pumps in order to keep fuel flowing cleanly. There are a lot of demands placed on a diesel truck. Constant towing, high torque requirements, and traveling in turbulent road conditions bog down efficiency. Fass HD pumps offer a streamlined answer for truckers who are always on the move. Balancing out fuel distribution and keeping it clean is challenging, especially when your truck holds an active schedule. Despite a busy work rate, a Fass HD pump will maintain adequate filtration, even in rough driving environments.

The titanium series represents the most efficient aftermarket class 8 diesel filters available. Previously, Fass offered an HD series with the same design but in a larger format. The titanium series takes over as the Fass class 8 pump. There is no drop in performance because it displays the same power as its predecessor. This Fass class 8 pump uses the same motor to produce 260 GPH, which leads all other diesel fuel filters in its class.

The main objective is to keep fuel flowing with adequate volume and free of sediment. Fass class 8 pumps filter diesel fuel twice. This is enacted by the “mass flow return” design. Operating at the GPH rating of the part, the mass flow return eliminates water, vapor, and dirt each time fuel flows through the Fass class 8 pump. Without having to struggle with contaminants, the fuel injectors are able to distribute cleaner energy continually.

A contributing factor in how the class 8 fuel filter works is due to its construction. There are radius cuts that resemble mandrel bending. Because the cuts are not produced at a sharp angle, the class 8 fuel filter allows energy to flow without restriction. This also cuts down on air entering the fuel line. With diesel able to move freely, the class 8 fuel filter takes stress away from other components, adding vitality to the entire system.

Cold weather starts will cease, as well. The HD fuel air separator comes with a heater port to break up paraffin crystals. The port can turn on during startup or you can mate it to a toggle switch to get going ahead of time. All Fass diesel fuel kits come with a mounting bracket, hardware, and wiring harness.

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