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Fass fuel systems

Busy diesels benefit from the performance Fass powerstroke systems provide. Ford pickup owners often need a higher functioning diesel setup to match their driving habits. Whether it is a Class 8 machine or an everyday hauler, there are Fass powerstroke systems designed to produce results in all situations. Commercial applications, towing, and extreme weather can all play a role in causing fuel distribution and filtration to stumble. Outfitting your engine compartment with a Fass powerstroke system is the first step towards strengthening your truck’s fitness.

Fuel air separation and high volume are critical for better MPGs. Several Fass Ford diesel filters and pumps are available for different system requirements. For Class 8 trucks only, the HD series offers the highest volume with the muscle to churn out 260 GPH (gallons per hour). This powerstroke diesel pump assists in streaming cleaner, airless fuel through the filter. You can achieve the same effect with the titanium series for a standard pickup. The titanium Fass fuel system has the same HD motor but comes as a compact unit so that clearance is not an issue.

Keeping energy air and moisture free enacts numerous improvements. The Fass Ford diesel filter takes in fuel through the entry port where it first separates the moisture. After the fuel is pressurized and filtered, it is then distributed to the engine in a clean condition. The result is more accessible horsepower and a boost in fuel efficiency. Titanium series units also excel in freezing conditions. These Ford diesel fuel filters have heater ports to warm fuel ahead of time to drastically reduce the instances of cold weather starts.

If versatility is your objective, you can choose a powerstroke diesel pump that is adjustable. Using a simple Allen plug, you can adjust the pressure to your preference at any time. This gives you the option to customize the powerstroke diesel pump settings in tune with what your engine demands. Its boost compensation port works with the turbo to keep pressure at an adequate performance level. The powerstroke diesel pump then passes fuel on to the engine cleanly and evenly.

Each option is durable for all applications and climates. Fass powerstroke accessories come supported by a 4-year warranty.

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