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Fass fuel systems

Quieter fuel distribution is the goal with Fass silencing technology. Keeping a hushed tone in a replacement diesel pump is not easy. Between the motor and components, some truckers experience a lot of volume. Fass silencing technology is based around providing a solution for loud pumps. After conducting an extensive amount of research, Fass has developed a method to give their products a quieter sound without sacrificing part performance. It involves a combination of design, precise engineering, and a vigorous testing process. Fass silencing technology is present in all fuel air separators.

A loud fuel system is common in heavy diesels. Cutting down on the racket with a Fass quiet pump allows for easier driving and smoother functionality. Part of this is due to the cutting angle. Fass quiet pumps display radius cuts, which invites a higher level of flow. Diesel is not as constricted in the fuel line, reducing noise. You may still hear the pump working, but not in a turbulent manner. A snugger tolerance on surrounding gears also assist in how Fass quiet pumps operate. This means little or no rattling causing interference. To top it all off, Fass quiet pumps feature specialized military spec coating on the aluminum for added sound dampening.

Stock pumps are made to produce adequate filtering and fuel distribution, but are not intended to offer a quiet ride. Introducing a low noise diesel pump brings about immediate improvement over the OEM system. Once in place, the pump proceeds to deliver cleaner fuel more efficiently. They are also a valuable asset for performance enthusiasts. If you have outfitted your truck with an exhaust or other racing parts, a low noise diesel pump will purr in the background instead of piling on volume.

To make this upgrade work effectively, be sure to purchase the part number congruent with your engine system’s requirements. Should you still hear discord coming from the Fass silent fuel filter you may need to do some troubleshooting. Placing rubber sheets around the mounting points should eliminate any remaining clatter. Be sure the pressure (psi) is set correctly. Check the pressure of the low noise diesel pump at the port for confirmation.

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