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Fass fuel systems

Truckers use Fass performance filters to get the most out of their diesel engines. If you are running a Duramax, Cummins, or Powerstroke engine, you may notice there is hesitancy in the fuel system. This can be caused by moisture in the diesel fuel line, particles, or debris. Fass performance filters are engineered to sanitize the fuel system so that your injectors are uninhibited and the engine gets a clean helping of fuel. A kick in horsepower along with better gas are two of the rewards with this replacement. However, installing a Fass performance filter also adds longevity to the engine, ensuing in a healthier overall machine.

Having a strong distribution system is critical for heavy duty trucks. Fass offers a diesel flow enhancer to make it easy. Intended as a replacement, this pump features a streamlined process that efficiently directs fuel by pushing instead of pulling. The diesel flow enhancer compensates for a Duramax missing a lift pump, which initiates pulling from the tank. To guard against vapor and air, the pump instead pushes fuel, giving the injectors a cleaner return. A diesel flow enhancer cuts down on the vacuum effect that robs your engine of precious gas mileage and in turn, engages more horses.

Cleaner energy means consistent performance. With a Fass diesel fuel filter, you have several options to choose from. Three series are available for different engine needs. The HD series is the largest volume Fass diesel fuel filter. Boasting a high capacity geared towards Class 8 monsters, the HD series offers up to 260 GPH of filtration. For a more compact Fass diesel fuel filter, you can go with either the titanium or platinum series. Both keep the same design as the HD but in a smaller unit. The objective of all three is to cleanse fuel to stave off the presence of vapor and dirt. Fass diesel fuel filters clean fuel not once but twice, resulting in improved performance that adds life to your injectors.

Understanding what your engine specifications are and what it will respond to is important. Not all aftermarket diesel parts are created equal. For most Fass products, your truck will function optimally using the lowest GPH setting. Higher ratings such as 260 GPH are most commonly used for commercial vehicles. Consult your manual before any pump or diesel fuel filter replacement.

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