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Fass fuel systems

You know it is time for a Fass pump replacement if your truck is experiencing those classic, dreaded symptoms. The “hard start” is a common one. You crank and crank and it seems like an hour before it turns over. Sometimes, you can hear the diesel fuel pump struggling before it ultimately stalls. Maybe you can tell the pressure is fluctuating before bottoming out. If one or all of these examples have been occurring your hauler is ready for a Fass pump replacement. Whether you operate a Duramax or Cummins vehicle, keeping the engine functioning at an optimal level is mandatory. A Fass pump replacement is the key for healthy, lasting performance.

There are numerous diesel options available, depending on your truck model and system requirements. Fass fuel pumps intended for different tasks are available for most GM Duramax trucks. If you are looking for a performance upgrade, the flow enhancer works with your injection system to powerfully push fuel while getting rid of the vacuous effect that was previously in place. Less vapor and a higher flow rate are two of the main advantages this Fass fuel pump provides.

The opportunity to set your fuel pressure how you want it in accordance to your engine’s specs can add a lot to your driving. The adjustable Fass fuel pump gives you the chance to customize your pressure setting simply by using a 1/8” Allen plug. This increases balance in how the engine is distributed fuel while also improving overall filtration. The adjustable Fass fuel pump also features a boost compensation port that reacts to your turbo for added pressure retention.

It depends on what your truck needs. Not all aftermarket diesel pumps are strict replacements. More and more drivers are as interested in maximizing horsepower as they are vehicle maintenance. Many Fass parts are made to supplement your existing configuration as opposed to being direct OEM substitutes. Before purchasing an aftermarket diesel pump, be sure of the engine specifications as well as your needs. The goal is sustaining adequate fuel pressure and flow, regardless if it is a Cummins or Duramax engine. To browse which aftermarket diesel pump is right for your truck, click on the “Shop Now” button today.

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