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Fass fuel systems

Quality and endurance are what a titanium series filter is intended for. Running a stock diesel fuel system will eventually lead to air, vapor, and debris corrupting your truck’s fuel supply. When this happens, it can cause wear on the injectors. Titanium series filters rid fuel of air and particles so that it can flow freely. This leads to improvement in several key areas such as horsepower, torque, and gas mileage. What a titanium series filter offers more than anything else is stability. It gives your diesel engine a highly functioning unit to receive fuel from, adding a boost of vitality that helps your truck last longer.

There are several features that Fass air separation filters present. One of the most important is the mass flow return. This is Fass-produced technology used to polish the fuel. How it works is that the Fass titanium filter applies pressure on the fuel that is routed to the engine. It then returns unused fuel to the tank following filtration. The consistent mobilizing of the fuel eliminates air, moisture, and debris. Fass titanium filters clean fuel twice, keeping your injectors running smoothly. This process is why the company’s fuel/air separation technology is considered the industry standard.

As for the physicality of the part, Fass titanium filters are intended to open up fuel flow. Its housing is comprised of genuine billet aluminum displaying performance radius cuts that encourage fuel to flow more efficiently while also preventing air and vapor from being reintroduced. These radial cuts in the Fass titanium filter also halt inactive pockets from becoming a problem later on.

Prior to purchase, use your engine’s horsepower recommendation as your reference. A Fass air separation filter is designed to work in conjunction with the HP rating of your engine. For trucks at 600 HP, the standard unit is rated at 95 GPH. Diesel engines producing more than 700 HP can handle a Fass air separation filter with a 220 GPH rating.

Each Fass filter comes with mounting brackets, a wiring harness, pump, and hardware (for some trucks, included hardware may differ slightly). The mounting bracket is a bolt-on installation and does not require drilling into the frame. For some trucks, this aftermarket diesel fuel filter can be had with built-in heater port for cold weather starts.

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