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When freezing temps creep in, Fass weather protection will keep your truck starting smoothly. Many drivers report having difficulty getting the engine to kick over if the thermometer is on the low side. This is due in large part to the paraffin in the fuel crystalizing and “gelling.” Depending on your filter micron, the thickness of the gel in the diesel prevents fuel from pressurizing. Gearing up your truck with Fass weather protection is an effective way to combat these sub-zero issues. Featuring innovative design meant specifically for diesel engines, you will be able to get your hauler up and running in any temperature. Fass weather protection is available for most Duramax, Cummins, and Powerstroke engines.

Guarding against cold weather starts for diesels is a priority for many who reside in cooler climates. The Fass titanium series is engineered for both convenience and efficiency. As freezing temperatures settle in, the molecular structure of fuel changes. Paraffin in diesel crystalizes and bonds together, creating a “gel-like” quality. The Fass diesel filter hosts two electric heat ports that connect to the pump. Its job is to warm fuel and then distribute it to the filter and core. This process greatly reduces or eliminates cold weather starts.

The heater is ready when the key is turned, signaling the Fass diesel filter to turn on. If you prefer, you can control it manually. A Fass diesel filter can be mated to a separate toggle switch to get going earlier. For truck owners who live in extreme environments where below Fahrenheit temperatures are common in the winter months, not having to use diesel fuel additives is an advantage. Along with the heater ports, Fass diesel filters also offer a substantial amount of torque that plays a role in cutting down on dreaded cold weather starts.

Both the titanium and platinum series filters offer the same premise. However, with the platinum unit heater ports are offered as an option. Variables such as where you live, the activity level of your vehicle, and if you conduct proper winter maintenance affect fuel performance. Select your Fass filtration unit based on your personal needs and engine specifications.

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