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When you live out near the coast and like to play in the sand, WeatherBeater Floor Liners are perfect for your car or truck. Think of all the times you travel to and from the beach. Even if you hose off your feet and surfboard, chances are you still didn't get all of the sand. And few things wreak havoc on an interior the way sand does. The worst part is that factory car mats can't even handle it. The reason this is bad news is because when sand gets into your vehicle's carpet, it is very, very difficult to get out. Sometimes, vacuuming doesn't even help.

It can become a bigger issue when it is wet sand that gets caught up in your interior carpet. Now, not only do you have sand to content with, but that it is wet means it can stain. Unfortunately, it is rare for OEM floor mats to be able to handle this. Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners are actually designed just for it. The reason lies in how Husky liners are made. Husky liners are manufactured to be vehicle-specific. How it works is that the company uses a computerized program and formula that depicts a vehicle's exact dimensions. Husky liners account for every curve and contour of your car's surface to guarantee an exact OEM fit. Regular custom floor mats are universal - they don't provide an accurate fit.

Husky liners behave like custom floor mats since they replace the factory rubber mats, but with a perfect fit and stout protection. If you drive a pickup, you know that when you step back up in to the cab with sandals on, sand and moisture soon make their way off of your legs and onto the floor. This happens all too often. It gets even trickier when it's a substance like surf wax or iced tea. Store-bought custom floor mats do not handle this well. WeatherBeater Floor Liners are waterproof and chemical-resistant, so they can withstand all of your forays into and out of the water.

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