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Weathertech Digitalfit Floor Mats Specially Designed Grooves

Weathertech car floor mats

Taking a quick look at the Weathertech digitalfit floor mats and you will notice the specially designed grooves. These grooves aren't just for trapping dirt. They actually have different patterns which pull dirt from your sneakers and act as a surface to clean your shoes. These floor mats have checkered grooves by the pedals to keep the area flat. The driver's sneakers will not become caught in the channels of the Weathertech digital fit floor mats.

The corners of the digital fit floor mats have grooves that are angled sideways in which the driver can scrape off his shoes. The dirt than becomes trapped inside the channels to contain it from spreading. These Weathertech floor mats are even better than your average household floor mat. The grooves are very sturdy and will not crack or break while wiping off your shoes.

Unlike Husky Liners, Weathertech digital fit floor mats have different patterns on each of their car floor mats. They are much more appealing than if they had just one pattern. Your passengers will be amazed and how well they accent the interior while still keeping things clean.

If you have mud and dirt on your shoes, you will not have to worry about cleaning them before getting into your vehicle. This is often a problem for most of us as we do not want to get the Weathertech car mats dirty. Well, the grooves are designed just for this reason and will keep the bottom of your sneakers clean.