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Keeping the interior clean is the main purpose of adding Husky floor liners. They do a great job in protecting the factory carpet and keeping debris and dirt confined to one area. Water and mud will build up rather quickly when the weather is nasty. These mats must be maintained in order to keep them in like new condition. The last thing we want is our floor mats cracking or wearing out when they should last us a life time.

Automotive floor protection must be durable. Husky car mats can handle any type of abuse. They must be maintained to ensure proper performance. Since some of them are made from rubber, this material can crack from extended use without proper maintenance. Keeping them in tip top shape is crucial to extending their life. We want the product to last a lifetime, right? Rubber will start to wear if debris is left for too long. Water will start to deteriorate the color and make them fade. This will look out of place for any car's interior.

Washing the Husky liners is very simple. It does not take much time to remove them from the vehicle and rinse them off. A little bit of time will go such a long way. Some soap and water would do just the trick at removing dirt build up and footprint marks. For minor debris like dust, Husky car mats can be taken out and shaken to rid of any rocks or small dust particles. Once they go back in, they look like they came right out of the box.

It's all about protecting our investments. Cars and trucks are fairly expensive. We take care of the paint like we would take care of the kitchen in our house. It is important to maintain the interior just as much as the exterior. Fading paint doesn't look right at all. This would be the same symptoms of Husky floor liners if they aren't kept in shape.

With each season comes a new weather condition. Pollen in the spring time will tear up the floor mats. They can turn them yellow and even make it permanent. The right way to protect them is to clean them. They do not have to be cleaned immediately, but pollen is known to stain. The last thing we want is yellow stains on our new gray automotive floor mats.

Black floor mats are especially hard to keep clean. That specific color always shows the most dirt. Keeping them clean will make for a mint interior. Wiping them down with wet rags would also do the trick of keeping them clean. The mats do not always have to be washed. A simple shake or wipe down with a wet rag is sometimes all they need.

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