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Automotive floor mats are the number one piece of equipment that protects our vehicles interior. They can be found in all various materials like rubber, plastic, vinyl, and cloth. Choosing the right floor mats will protect your car's floor and look good while doing it. Husky liners are the best at what they do. They are designed to shield the interior from any debris and harmful contaminates that may destroy the factory floor. Husky liners are available for every vehicle.

The best material for floor mats is rubber. Rubber is the ultimate at protecting anything from water to mud and dirt. Husky liners rubber mats have specially designed grooves like that of tires. They grooves perform just like tire tread. It holds any debris and liquid from escaping onto the floor and does not affect the surface in which the user's feet rest on. Rubber floor mats can handle all sorts of temperatures as well. In cold climates, they will not crack or become brittle. In the warmer months, the mats will not deform or warp. This makes them very durable and can last forever.

The factory floor mats made from cloth do not last long at all. Husky liners should be swapped with them as soon as one purchases a new or used vehicle. Their rubber material is superior to cloth as it will last the lifetime of the vehicle. Cloth floor mats inherit many problems over time. They become very worn and look horrible in the car, holes occur from the heels of the person's sneakers and they can become stuck under the gas or brake pedal. Husky liners have special grooves on the underside to prevent the mat from sliding around and causing an accident.

When holes in cloth floor mats start to occur, it can lead to a damaged floor. Liquids and debris will seep through the holes and destroy the factory carpet and the floor underneath. Damaging the floor underneath can cause serious problems. It will affect resale value and could possibly make the car not drivable. The floor can start to rust which will create holes. These holes will lead to harmful contaminants entering the vehicle.

Appearance is everything. Stepping into a vehicle with ripped and torn floor mats isn't so attractive. Husky liners rubber mats stand out in any vehicle. They are available in a few different colors which will not fade over time. Plastic liners will crack from the cold weather and stain. Rubber is the ultimate material at deflecting water and keeping its shape. The corners of plastic liners will tear and allow debris to fall onto the floor.

Rubber is the easiest to clean as well. Just like tires, give a quick wash and wipe down of the floor mats and all the debris is gone. Plastic will inherit debris and lots of scrubbing will be needed. The debris may not even come out. Cloth floor mats can only be vacuumed which isn't ideal for getting down into the crevices. Sand and small pebbles will become trapped and eventually scatter around the vehicle.

Just like the exterior of the car, our interior needs cleaning and protection too. When buying a car, most of us will just look at the outside for any scratches or dings. Checking out the inside should be done as well. If the vehicle is equipped with automotive floor liners, you can almost rest assure that the floor underneath is free of any damage. The only down side is the dealer never includes rubber car mats, unless buying a used car. The previous owner may leave the rubber floor mats in the vehicle when trading it in. This is a win-win situation.

The rubber material is also much better for those with manual transmission vehicles. The automotive floor liners take a lot of abuse from the heels of the driver. One foot is resting on the pedal at all times, while the other one is constantly depressing the clutch pedal. Husky liners will stand up to this abuse. Cloth floor mats are known for ripping and tearing in any vehicle with a standard transmission. The driver's foot can become stuck in the holes of the torn floor mats and create problems.