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Husky liners floor mats

Many products today do more harm than good. Cheap floor mats can become lodged under the pedals and become a serious hazard. Husky Liners have specially designed nibs that hold the mat to the carpet. This prevents the floor mats from sliding around and becoming stuck under the brake pedal or gas pedal. Car mats are intended to stick to the surface to prevent any debris from damaging the carpet. Husky mats also extend to all corners of the area.

Other problems like not protecting the carpet can also happen with cheap floor liners. Husky mats are digitally cut with a computer that has exact specifications for the floor. They will stay in their place and not slide around. People who spend lots of time in the car will beat up the car floor mats.

Their products can be removed for quick cleaning, too. The nibs on Huskyliners mats do not stick to the carpet permanently. They only provide friction which enables the liner to be easily removed. This makes for quick cleaning and service.

Interior protection is designed to protect, not cause an accident. Husky weatherbeater mats are their rubber mats that provide quality protection and keep their place. Huskyliners rubber mats have the same nibs that all of their other products have. Other companies use clips to attach them to the existing cloth mats. Huskyliners mats fully replace the factory mats. Take them out and throw them in the trunk. Huskyliners rubber mats are an exceptional upgrade over the factory ones.