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Husky liners floor mats

The interior of any vehicle is an area that inherits all sorts of smells from gasoline to air fresheners. Huskyliners floor mats do not promote any sort of odor when installed. These floor liners are odorless and do not even have a distinct scent. As soon as you open the box, all you will smell is cardboard. Their floor mats are made from rubber and can hold up against hot and cold temperatures.

When the Husky Liners are heated up, they will not give off an odor like some other products. Cheap plastics will melt and deform. Husky car mats are put through rigorous tests to ensure they do not crack under extremely cold temperatures. Having car mats that will not give off an odor is uncommon. That is why Huskyliners mats are so popular. Other liners have a unique odor from the materials used.

New products almost always have a scent to them just like new car interiors. They aren't the greatest and can be unbearable. The Husky cargo liner can handle the sun all day and not give off any scent. The rubber material that the cargo liner is made from will not change smells from day one to day 600. The only reason the car mats may smell is if you spilled something on them and did not clean it. Once clean, Huskyliners mats are free of any odors. The rubber does not retain any contaminant that has been spilled onto the mat.