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Husky classic floor mats

Automotive accessory products have really taken off since the new millennium. Parts in the old days were cheap, sometimes unavailable and not made in large quantities. This made it difficult for consumers to purchase automotive accessories. The Husky classic style floor liners look like they belong in the late 1970s. Their appearance is consistent with what products looked like in those days, but with today's technology. Husky classic style protects the car's interior just like any of their other products, but does it with old school styling.

These Husky floor mats have a diamond plate surface that rubs off any dirt on the bottom of sneakers. Small crevices in between trap this dirt and keep it from falling onto the vehicle's carpet. Their floor liners are available for vehicles starting from the mid-1970s. Older vehicles do not have as many options as newer ones. This company has made it easy for all owners to purchase such great products.

The material used for these floor liners is an elastomeric that withstands harmful chemicals like gas, oil and battery acid. You can be sure that these mats will protect against anything. The Husky classic style mats have raised contaminant walls that will prevent these liquids from spilling onto the factory carpet. This will prevent any stains or damage and will keep it looking new.

Their floor liners are available for front row, back row and cargo area. Anyone can outfit their entire interior with Husky classic style mats. For smaller vehicles, storage can be an issue. 2 door coupes and hatchbacks do not have as much room as SUVs and trucks. Using their floor liners will protect any interior surface from being damaged. Hunting gear and fishing gear may need to be stored on the passenger's floor or rear floor of the vehicle.

Floor mats back in the old days were made of cheap material like plastic and cloth. Some companies still use these types of floor liners today. They do not provide nearly the protection that Husky classic style does. Plastic will fade and crack overtime and look ugly inside any vehicle. Cloth floor liners will wear out even quicker than plastic. Husky has the latest technology in materials that is designed to outlast any other floor liner.

Unlike the past, these floor liners are an exact fitment for every application. They are cut using a computer which has measurements for each area in the car or truck. Owners will not have to worry about the Husky liners not covering certain areas of the floor. Precision wasn't an option in previous years. Universal floor mats were very common and could be used on any vehicle. They did not look very appealing and did not fit well at all.

When floor liners were first introduced, they were not made for each vehicle. They were difficult to obtain and were very costly. Husky classic style floor liners are available for every vehicle. No truck, SUV, car or van is left out. They are available in different colors that will be an exact match for factory interiors.

These mats are also available for the hump found in many trucks. This hump is in between the passenger and driver floor. That specific area sees a lot of use and abuse. Husky classic style floor liners will fit directly on that hump to protect its surface. No other company has this design. Like the mats, it has specially designed ribs that adhere to the carpet to prevent any sliding. Husky floor mats will not fade from direct sunlight. They can bake in the sun daily and will retain their color.

The factory floor liners are held down by a pair of hooks. These hooks are what keep them from moving around and becoming stuck under the pedals. Husky classic style mats retain this feature by designing holes to attach to. These holes are in the same location as the stock floor liners.