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Keeping the interior and exterior of your vehicle clean is a must to make it last long. When we buy certain things, we expect them to last a long time. This can only happen if they are well maintained and not abused. Husky Liners need the same attention as anything else. The floor mats are designed to handle daily abuse, but if not cleaned correctly, they will not last long at all. There are certain ways to clean the floor mats in order to keep them looking nice and make them last forever.

In most scenarios, the driver's side floor liner is always dirtier than the passenger or rear floor mats. Husky Liners can be cleaned in many ways. If you do not want to remove them from the vehicle, then a vacuum and a wet rag will do the trick. A vacuum will suck up most of the debris and dirt, while a wet rag will clean the tiny particles that the vacuum cannot get. A great way to make the floor mats shine is using armor all. Once cleaned, armor all is sprayed on the Husky Liners and they will look better than new.

If your Husky Liners are black, they might fade from daily abuse. This can be reversed and prevented from using a product called back to black. Back to black is a liquid automotive product that restores faded black parts back to their original color. This can be applied to the floor mats as many times as needed. It is also a very cheap alternative to buying a new set of Husky Liners. Lighter color floor mats do not fade as much and keep their color better than black.

If you insist on taking your Husky Liners out of the vehicle, then a hose with some soapy water would do the trick in cleaning them off. Sometimes dirt or debris can be stuck to the floor mats than, they can be soaked in soapy water for a few minutes and the debris will come right off. Since they have a non-stick surface, nothing will permanently adhere to the floor mats.

When cleaning floor mats, it is recommended not to use anything abrasive that will damage the surface. Scrapers and hard brushes should not be used to clean them because it will scrape away the non-slip surface. Problems will occur if this surface is damaged. Also, if scraped too hard, holes will appear and debris would leak onto the factory carpet.

If you have a compressor, the floor mats can also be blown off with an air gun. The air gun will blow off all the debris without needing a vacuum. The only way to do this is to take them out of the vehicle. If done inside, dust will fly everywhere and make for a messy interior. A simple cleanup will turn into a day's worth of work. This would work the best if you have pets that travel with you in the car. Dog hair is hard to clean up and blowing the floor mats off with an air gun is the best way at removing it.

Cleaning the Husky cargo liner is a bigger task than the front or rear floor mats. It is a rather large mat and can handle more dirt than anything else. This area of the vehicle can see all types of things from large pets to groceries and beach equipment. Sand is a major issue for anyone that goes to the beach. The Husky cargo liner has small crevices that hold the sand and can be shaken out. The sand does not stick to the surface and the floor mats will be returned to new.

If you plan on storing them during the summer months, make sure to clean floor mats before putting them away. This will ensure that they will be ready to use once the colder months come back. Husky Liners will last forever if kept clean and are properly used. Husky mats that are tossed around and not cared for will not provide the protection they are intended for.