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Husky Liners Coupe Floor Liners

Husky Liners for coupe car

HuskyLiners floor mat

Husky Liners Coupe Floor Liners are available for your two door coupe for front, rear and cargo areas. Each of their specific floor liners will fit the coupe, with the heavy duty floor mats needing some trimming to make them fit. Husky Liners coupe floor liners are custom-fit and contour to the vehicle's floorboards. Couple floor liners are extremely necessary as the back seats and floors are often used as storage areas since the vehicle is rather small. Protect every part of your interior, including the cargo area, with Husky Liners coupe floor liners. The Husky comparison chart is a great tool to select your floor liners.

Specifications: View Husky Liners comperision chart

Category - Automotive interior/Floor mats
Fitment - 2-door coupe vehicle
Style - X-Act Contour floor liners, Weatherbeater floor liners, Classic Style floor liners, Heavy Duty floor mats
Color - Black, Gray, Tan


* Specific for your 2-door sedan
* Available in front, rear and cargo area
* Fronts install using factory hooks and fasteners (if equipped)
* Supreme durability
* Year-round protection
* Cargo liner contours to the trunk's floor
* 4 different styles available
* Lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking
* Designed and engineered in the USA

Installation detail
Husky Liners Coupe floor liners are vehicle specific. Husky heavy duty floor mats are the only universal ones and may need some trimming to fit. Husky Liners coupe floor liners are custom-fit to provide the best overall floor protection.

Care and maintenance
Husky Liners coupe floor liners are easily cleaned and require no specific treatment. A wet rage or a hose would suffice in cleaning dirt and debris from the surface. This can be done inside the vehicle with a wet rag for easy convenience.

Husky Liners Coupe Floor Liners