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Husky Liners Exterior Protection

Husky Exterior Protection

Auto body repairs can be costly and an unexpected expense. Husky Liners exterior protection will deflect any such damage to the vehicle. Husky Liners paint protection and Husky Liners headlight protection are designed to prevent the damage to the paint and lights of the vehicle. The product is a film that is placed over the paint or light and cannot be seen. Husky protection is inexpensive compared to having major body work done to things like the hood and bumper.

Rock chips and road debris will destroy any hood or bumper on the vehicle. Husky Liners film prevents rock chips from damaging these parts. It will also preserve the paint. Paint can easily fade overtime from daily sun abuse. The Husky paint shield is UV protectant and will not fade. This makes the product last forever.

Salt from the winter months will also eat away at the vehicle's paint. The Husky Liner exterior protection will limit the salt from embedding into the paint. Road salt is the number one cause of rust issues for any vehicle.

The sun will also destroy headlights. Husky Liners headlight protection will prevent hazing and discoloration. When hazing happens, light output is decreased. This makes it more difficult to see at night. Husky Liners protection is the number one solution to preserving automotive parts.

The film can also go through the car wash. Husky Liners guard will not peel or come off during an automatic car wash. Husky Liners paint protection has quality adhesive that can take years of abuse. The only way to get it off is with human strength.