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HuskyLiners Floor Protecting mats

What makes Husky liners so good is their ability to protect the interior of your vehicle. They offer a wide range of products that will accommodate anyone looking for interior floor protection. Husky liners started as a small company by a man who wanted to protect his interior from his fishing and hunting gear. This was when the cargo liner was invented. Today, Husky Liners offer several different floor liners and cargo liners, as well as exterior protection products.

If you are looking for something to cover your factory carpet, but are sick of the cloth and plastic mats, Husky Liners are for you. Unlike plastic, these floor mats have a surface that nobody can compete with. It is non-slip, with several channels that contain dirt and debris. The feet of any driver must be protected to ensure their ability to step on the gas and brake properly. Cloth and plastic floor mats will get in the way of the driver's feet and can cause major problems.

Water, snow, dirt, mud and sand are no match for HuskyLiners. Their products are perfect for all-year round and will never fade, crack or break. Plastic floor mats can easily crack when they become too cold, or start to warp when they become too hot. The material that these floor liners are made out of is the latest technology using rubber and other composites to create a soft surface. You will never have to worry about stains and mud on your factory carpet. Husky Liners cover the entire surface and include their unique form fit edge, which protects the edge of the carpet.

Buying a new is great. Everything is new and there is no damage to the interior or exterior. The only problem is the cheap floor mats that they come with. They are made from cloth and wear out quickly. The first upgrade to any new vehicle should be a set of Husky Liners. Not only will they protect much better than the factory floor mats, but they will create a better appearance for the interior as well.

Many things on the interior can be replaced like the seats or the center console if damage were to occur. The factory carpet is something that is never replaced. If stains were to occur, we have to deal with it. Husky Liners are the number one floor liner to keep our carpets looking new.

Some of us sell vehicles just as often as we buy them. The resale value is always something to consider when purchasing a vehicle. Husky Liners will make the resale value that much better. Using their floor mats will prevent any major damage that will limit the sale of the car. If the interior carpets are damaged, it can decrease the value by thousands of dollars.

Pets are no match for Husky Liners. Their floor mats can handle all types of pet hair and debris. They are very easy to clean as well. Cloth floor mats are nearly impossible to clean pet hair from. The hair embeds itself into the cloth and you just have to deal with it. Not many people want to ride in your vehicle that is filled with pet hair.

Exterior protection from Husky Liners range from headlight and paint protection, to storage and truck racks. HuskyLiners paint protection will keep the front of your vehicle looking like you just bought it. This will prevent rocks and road debris from damaging the paint. Their headlight protection will prevent any damage to the headlights that could affect light output.

Heavy duty trucks that are used for work and construction jobs inherit all sorts of damage to the exterior. Husky Liners truck racks will prevent anything from damaging the rear window and it also acts as a sunshade. The sunshade will keep the interior looking new and prevent any fading from the sun.

Some vehicles are so small that they cannot transport any items. Husky Liners interior storage is a compartment that hides away under the seats to keep the interior space. This is ideal for someone whose interior space is at a premium. Passengers will still be able to ride in the back. It blends in with the interior and will prevent any items from rolling around. Small objects can make their way up to the front and make for dangerous driving.