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Husky Liners Paint Protection

Husky liners protection

Protecting the exterior of any vehicle can be tough. Road debris, weather conditions and parking lots cause most of the damage to any vehicle. Husky Liners paint protection is designed to be installed over the existing paint. It protects against road debris like rock chips and pebbles, and will also protect against fading. The paint is the first thing we notice on any vehicle and it pays to keep it looking nice. A freshly washed car means nothing if the paint is faded and scratched.

Rock chips and road debris is simply unavoidable. To absolutely protect our vehicle's paint, it would need to be stored in the garage at all times and never driven. But, since most of us drive our vehicles, Husky Liners paint protection is available for us. Their paint protection is a film that is applied on the front bumper, hood and mirrors. The front bumper takes most of the debris and rock chips. It also inherits many forms of bugs. Depending on how the hood is angled, it will also see its fair share of rocks.

The film from Husky Liners is made from urethane and will not crack, shrink or turn yellow overtime. It is easily installed with some lubricant and a squeegee. Lubricant is sprayed on the bumper, hood or mirror, and the Husky Liners film is laid on top. The access water is squeegeed out so the urethane film can stick to the surface. It does not hurt the paint either. Husky Liners paint protection can be easily peeled off without damaging the paint.

Keeping the car clean prevents rust and dirt build-up. This is exactly what the Husky Liners paint protection does. Rocks will chip the paint which will eventually lead to rust. Sometimes, these little chips cannot even be seen and the owner doesn't know where the rust came from. Rust is like cancer and will eat through the metal. This can either create holes or make the part brittle. Road debris will bounce right off the film and the paint will remain untouched.

Available for each specific vehicle, Husky Liners paint protection is pre-cut and will be a direct fit. The film is cut electronically and will be contoured for the specific part of the car. You can barely see it when it is installed. The film is invisible and can only be seen when up close. It does not change the appearance of the vehicle at all.

Bumper and hood guards are large and stand out. They do not look that great when installed and are very pricey. Husky Liners paint protection is an inexpensive alternative and cannot even be seen. Aftermarket guards are made of plastic and are very flimsy. They will crack when rocks and road debris hits it.

Headlights can often be damage by rocks. This will inhibit our view when we drive at night. Husky Liners headlight protection is a film that installed over the headlight. Just like Husky Liners paint shield, their headlight film cannot be seen. It will deflect any rocks to protect the headlight. Seeing at night can be difficult with operating headlights. Just imagine if one of the headlights was broken from road debris.

Automotive headlights can be very pricey. These lights on high end vehicle can cost over one thousand dollars. This is a cost most of us do not what to see. Husky Liners headlight protection can prevent any of this from occurring. This will also aid in the resale value of the vehicle. The film can be peeled off and the headlights will be just like new. The potential owner will be amazed at how well 10 year old vehicle headlights look. Husky Liners headlight film is cut for each specific headlight and makes for an exact fitment. No cutting or modification is required.

Side mirrors are essential to seeing other vehicles around us. A cracked side mirror would inhibit that ability. Husky Liners exterior protection will cover the outside of the mirror to protect both the paint and the mirror itself. Rock chips and bugs litter these parts of any vehicle. The bugs can easily be washed off without being embedded into the paint.

Headlights will haze and become cloudy overtime. Husky Liners headlight protection film will prevent this from happening. Most headlights are made using cheap plastic or acrylic material which does not withstand constant sun light. Husky Liners exterior protection will keep the money in your wallet and allow the owner to focus on more important aspects like engine maintenance.