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Husky Liners Prevent Injuries

Husky liners mats prevent Injuries

Automotive accessories are vehicle components that play an important role in everyday driving. Husky liners protect the interior and do it in a safe manner. Their rubber floor mats will never become a problem or cause injuries. Other floor mats can become lodged under the pedals when driving or have a slippery surface that may cause serious injury. You can trust Husky protection with their quality products.

Plastic and cloth floor liners are very hazardous when being used in any vehicle. Automotive manufacturers often recall their liners that come in new vehicles because of customer problems. Husky floor mats are the number one product that will never cause an injury. Their non-stick and smooth rubber surface allows for ease when getting in and out of the vehicle. It also protects from sharp objects that may become lodged in other comparable products.

Sharp objects like pins and needles can become stuck in cloth mats and danger the feet of the driver or passenger. Husky floor mats deflect and such thing from occurring. Husky floor liners are much better than plastic because when they become wet, they still maintain the non-slip surface. Plastic becomes very slippery when wet and accidents will happen.

Other products can also slide forward on the driver's floor and nudge the gas pedal. This can be very dangerous as the driver would be unaware. Husky car liners have specially designed nibs underneath to grip the factory carpet and prevent sliding. When the gas pedal becomes lodged, the engine should be shutoff or the car should be shifted into neutral. The vehicle becomes a runaway if neither of these are actions are performed. Husky mats have never had an issue with interfering with any pedals.

Water build up can also make driving dangerous. Husky mats have channel that allow water to be kept away from feet. The shoes will then be able to keep traction on the pedals when driving. A slip of the brake pedal and a major accident can occur. Plastic retains water and puddles will happen. Cloth material retains water and need lots of time to dry. Husky floor mats become dry immediately, which prevents any problems.

Fitting the contour of the floor is a must. Universal mats do not cover the proper space and can become bunched up. This also makes driving a hazard. Not only do they not protect the vehicle, but they are doing more harm than good.