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With so many products offered, you could outfit your entire car, truck or SUV with HuskyLiners protection. Husky exterior protection products range from headlight protection to paint protection. Buying a new or used car is an investment and we need to protect it in all the right ways. Husky Liners shield will keep your vehicle looking like the day you bought it and also enhance the appearance.

Rocks, stones, dirt, mud and salt abuse our vehicles daily. Weather its long commuting for work or short drives to the store, these types of debris affect the exterior of our vehicle in a negative way. Husky Liners shield is the number one form of protection. Husky Liners has created quality products that withstand the test of time and can hold up to anything.

Keeping the paint from rock chips and road debris is difficult. The front of the vehicle comes into contact with these things daily. Husky exterior protection is a film that is laid on the hood, bumper and mirrors to deflect any such debris. Paint chips cause major damage to auto parts and rust will to take over. Rust is like cancer and cannot be fixed. Husky exterior protection is a one-time cost that will save you from replacing various auto parts which are very expensive.

Paint chips on the hood and bumper make the vehicle look old and worn. Husky Liners shield can be used for the lifetime of the vehicle and taken off when desired. It is not permanent and does not affect the paint when removed. Other paint protection products will peel away the paint when removed. Husky exterior protection also does not fade from constant sunlight. Cheap films start to turn yellow after a few months of being on the vehicle. This really makes the car look ugly.

Dirt is impossible to keep off any vehicle, especially when driving through puddles and on dirt roads. Mud guards play a very important role in limiting the dirt that is kicked up. Husky exterior protection protects both the paint and the cars behind you. Tires, especially when new, have a sticky surface and will kick up rocks. The rocks bounce off the surface of our car and can also hit the drivers behind you. Their mud guards are custom fit and look great when installed. Unlike other cheap products, Husky exterior protection is specific for each car, truck or SUV.

Headlights are very important auto parts. Without them, we would not be able to drive at night. Husky exterior protection film covers the vehicle's headlights and protects them from damage. Rocks will easily break them and cause the light output to be decreased. They might also need to be replaced. Some headlights cost over one thousand dollars to replace. Husky exterior protection is a cheaper alternative and will protect for the lifetime of the car.

Keeping the vehicle in pristine condition will only help the owner in the long run. When it comes time to trade it in or sell it, every potential buyer will notice rock chips or damage to the exterior. Husky Liners shield will give you a boost in resale value. You cannot even notice the headlight or paint protection is on the car either. It is clear and blends in with the surface. Some owners use a hood bra, which is a leather or nylon cover that goes on the bumper and hood. This stands out and is somewhat ugly. The hood bra also does not make good contact when it is installed. Rocks and debris can still find its way into the gaps and open areas. Husky Liners shield is easily installed with a squeegee and will not peel off in any situation.

The great thing about Husky Liners shield is these products are available for every vehicle. None of their products are universal like most other companies. A direct fit and a quality auto part is what you gain. Husky exterior protection is used on high end performance cars like Ferraris and BMWs. Their paint is extremely important to keep the car looking brand new.

Car enthusiasts who take their prized possession to car shows and events need Husky Liners shield. The overall appearance of the car is what gets the owner a trophy. Sometimes these cars are called garage queens or trailer queens because they are transported to and from shows and never see the pavement. For others, they like to enjoy their ride and take it everywhere.