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Husky Shield Headlite Guard

Husky Shield headlight Protection

Husky headlight Protection

Husky Shield Headlite Guard is a urethane, invisible film that is applied over the vehicle's headlights. It can barely be seen and does not affect light output. It will prevent rocks and debris from damaging the headlight, which can be very expensive to replace. Damage to the headlights can also decrease light output. Husky Shield also protects the headlights from hazing and turning yellow. Sunlight is no competition for the Husky Shield headlite guard. Once installed, it will last a lifetime.


Category - Automotive exterior/Headlight protection
Fitment - Car, Truck or SUV.
Material - Urethane film
Color - Clear


* Clear, invisible film
* Pre-cut for each specific headlight
* Protects against rocks, pitting and hazing
* Will not yellow from the sun
* Weather resistant
* Designed and engineered in the USA
* Washable surface
* Maintenance free
* Can be easily removed without damaging the headlights

Installation detail
Husky Shield Headlite Protection installation is made easy using the kit available from Husky. Each film is pre-cut to the headlights dimensions and shape, and requires no extra cutting. Once installed, the film will not peel or crack under the most extreme conditions.

Care and maintenance
Husky Shield Headlite Protection is maintenance free and can be washed under normal conditions. The film will keep its clear color and not tarnish overtime.

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