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Husky universal floor mats

Husky has exterior and interior protection products for nearly any import and domestic vehicle. Their rubber floor mats are so flexible that they can even be used on different cars and trucks, or for other uses outside of the car. Husky Liners also come in different thicknesses and sizes to accommodate any situation.

Cars overseas in foreign countries do not have the ability to purchase specific rubber floor mats for their vehicle. The only way of protecting the floor would be by using universal floor mats. Universal floor mats are not nearly as good as Husky Liners. Universal mats cannot conform to the floor's surface. The mats end up bunching up and become a hazard when driving. Husky Liners are very flexible and can be tweaked into place. The ridges on the underside prevent the mats from moving around.

If your custom fit floor mats are not available for your specific vehicle, do not panic. The rubber floor mats from Husky Liners are so thin that they can be shaped to fit any vehicle's interior floor. They will still cover up the entire surface and protect the carpet better than any other universal floor mat. The rubber floor mats can be transferred from one car to the next, and can be conformed to whatever surface they are being applied to.

If you have a bigger surface and one floor mat doesn't do the trick, then a pair of Husky floor mats would be much better. They can be used together to cover the complete surface and protect the carpet underneath. Custom vans and trucks will run into this issue more than cars. These types of vehicles have large cargo areas that need to be covered with something durable. Husky Liners are the perfect solution. Both their rubber floor mats and cargo liner could be used in the larger cargo area.

Work vans and construction vans keep many power tools and hand tools in the rear of the vehicle. They also use this for storage of hardware. These things need a soft place to sit on so they do not become damage or roll around and break. Rubber floor mats can be laid down to cover the smallest or largest of areas to accommodate this. Husky Liners will never tear or crack from anything too heavy or too sharp. Searching for hardware and tools will be much easier on the knees. Crawling around the back of the van can be tough and the metal surface is hard. Rubber floor mats will provide a soft surface to wander around on.

There may be some cheap liners available for the back of a van, but they will not protect and be as durable as the rubber floor mats from Husky. They offer thicker ones that will be even more durable and more protective than the thin mats. Heavy tool boxes will be no match for the thick rubber floor mats. The edges of the box will not bend or become damaged either.

You can stack and line as many of these rubber floor mats as possible. Husky Liners have specially designed nibs on the underside that prevent any sliding or shifting. This makes them very sturdy and can hold their place. Universal floor liners have cheap ridges that break and the mat slides all over the place.

The rubber floor mats will also keep moisture off the metal or wood floor in the rear of the cargo van. Water will eat its way through the floor and rust out. At that point, a new floor would be needed which can cost thousands of dollars. Rubber floor mats are very cost effective for what they do and are on the cheaper side of most auto parts.