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Husky Liners Weatherbeater floor liners

Husky Liners Weatherbeater floor mat

Husky liners Weatherbeater floor mat

Husky Liners Wheatherbeater floor liners are laser cut and designed for each specific vehicle. They conform to your vehicle's floorboard, cargo or trunk area. Husky Floor liners have raised sidewalls that trap mud and debris. Their specially designed channels divert liquids away from your feet to keep the area clean. They are also extremely durable and can be abused over and over again. The thermoplastic material resists against harmful chemicals like oil, gas and battery acid. Husky Liners Weatherbeater floor liners use the latest designs that compliment any of today's current interiors.

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Category - Automotive interior/Floor mats
Fitment - Car, Truck or SUV.
Material - Thermoplastic
Color - Black, Gray or Tan


* Laser cut for direct fitment
* Cover entire surface of the floor or cargo area
* Patented "Form Fit Edge" that holds debris and mud, while providing easy vehicle entry and exit
* Raised channels to keep dirt and debris off the surface
* Specially designed Nibs on the underside prevent liners from shifting
* Available for Front Row, 2nd Row, 3rd Row, Center hump, and Cargo area
* Tall side walls prevent debris and liquids from spilling onto carpet
* Easy to wash
* Designed and engineered in the USA
* Lifetime Warranty

Installation detail
Husky Floor Liners Weatherbeater series are a direct fit in your vehicle's interior. You will not have to worry about cutting them or modifying them in any way. They are laser cut and vehicle specific. If the driver side floor has hooks, Husky has integrated holes into its liners that make for a perfect fit.

Care and maintenance
Husky Liners are very easy to clean and return to their original state after being washed. Soap and water is the best option, or sometimes a wet rag will do the trick. Once clean, the liners will look brand new again.

Husky liners Weatherbeater floor mat