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Aftermarket automotive companies that have been around for many years contribute their success to quality customer service and quality products. Husky mats have been providing automotive floor liners since the late 1980s. Bob Tyler, the founder, was an avid hunter and fisherman. After his long days in the woods and rivers, he would come back to the vehicle loaded with dirt and debris. He needed something to protect the car's interior surface and couldn't find one. This is when Husky mats began with its cargo floor liners. Husky mats is the most successful automotive accessory company.

Bob Tyler set the bar and designed a product that wouldn't just accommodate hunters and fisherman. Although great for stuffing dirty gear in the trunk area, Husky mats are available for front, rear and cargo areas. The floor liners he created provide the best durability and longevity. Not only this company offer floor lines, but also accessories like mud guards, paint protection, headlight protection, truck bed rail caps, and under seat storage boxes. The success of Husky mats is directly related to how well their floor liners protect each and every vehicle.

Everyone wants the latest in technology. Husky mats are constantly re-engineering their floor liners and accessories to stay on top of the market. Companies that do not come out with the latest products or innovations will drop fast in the growing automotive industry. Their floor liners continue to improve on durability through research and development processes. Their digital-fit floor liners fit each specific vehicle to the closest centimeter.

Products from them range from classic style, weatherbeater and x-act contour floor liners. The classic style floor liners are the original design. They feature a diamond pattern on the surface to prevent any slipping and also have nibs underneath to stay in place. These husky floor mats take the classic look of the early 1970s and combine them with the latest technology. They can fit both classic cars and vehicles offered today.

Weatherbeater floor liners are available for trucks, SUVs and cars. These are their custom floor mats that fit perfect. They include a form-fit edge which helps with entering and leaving the vehicle. It combines the same technology as the classic style, but with an enhanced appearance. Specially designed grooves allow debris to fall in and be trapped.

The x-act contour floor liners are the latest from Husky. They are made from rubber which handles any kind of abuse or debris. They fit over both carpet and vinyl flooring. The rubber also prevents any fading or discoloration from long use. The material is also the easiest to clean. They are so soft that you won't even have to wear your sneakers.

Aside from their floor liners, they also offer other forms of vehicle protection. Their paint and headlight protection will prevent cracks and chips in both. Most of us want to keep our paint looking the same as when we bought it. It can be tough with so much road debris. Husky has the solution for this. Each product is built just like their floor liners.

Having access to custom floor mats is great, right? Husky believes that great customer service will keep customers coming back no matter what the issue is. It can be as small as a nick in the floor mat upon arrival, or having sent out the wrong floor mats. Whatever the issue is, they are committed and strive to provide the best support for their products. Bob Tyler didn't start this company just to make money. He started it based on his own needs. It just so happened that his needs were found in thousands of other people.

Their distribution center is a gigantic 200,000 square feet building. They can ship out order within 48 hours. The process runs very smooth at Husky. They have some of the top engineers in the world working hard at providing the latest trends and unique ideas to the aftermarket community. Each and every one of their products carries a lifetime warranty as well. This makes them very appealing over other companies. Consumers can use them with confidence and not worry about damaging the Husky mats.