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Husky Weatherbeater Liners floor mats

Some car mats are so durable that they can be used for other areas than just inside the car. Husky weatherbeater liners are designed for extreme durability and can handle any type of abuse. They are specifically designed for each vehicle, but would make a great addition to a house or apartment. They can be used at the back door for when the kids come in from the pool, or the front door for when guests arrive with muddy sneakers. Husky weatherbeater liners are perfect for all-around use.

To think that car mats are just for use inside a vehicle is just wrong. Car mats are the most durable of any floor protection product in the world. They must withstand constant abuse from sneakers, mud, road debris, salt and liquids. What better way to protect the interior of your house than with the Husky weatherbeater liners? They offer everything that one would want in a floor mat.

A great use for car mats would be inside the bathroom. This area sees a lot of water. Husky weatherbeater liners would work great either on the outside of the shower or even the inside. They will provide a no-slip surface for getting in and out of the shower or bathtub. Car mats have a non-stick surface which is very comfortable as well. The rubber material will soak up the water and will dry faster than cloth floor mats.

Water is especially dangerous on tile and hardwood floors. Accidents will happen from someone slipping. Car mats will prevent the water from spilling onto these surfaces and provide protection. They are available in many different colors to accent the inside of any home or apartment. The underside of Husky floor mats will no slip or slide on any surface. Their specially designed nibs hold them in place.

The cargo liner is a huge piece that can be laid down to cover a large area. This would be great for the deck to cover heavy traffic areas. Going in and out of the back door will destroy the inside of the house. The cargo liner will give an area to take off sneakers and shoes so mud is not tracked onto the carpet. Car mats will not discolor or fade from the sun either. They can be set outside all day and every day. Winter and summer months will have no effect on them.

They are much easier to clean than conventional household floor mats as well. Household floor mats are made of cloth and cannot be cleaned like rubber car mats. Husky weatherbeater liners will come clean with a quick wash. No debris will become lodged in these car mats. Using these over typical household mats will make cleaning the house fun again. Vacuuming cloth mats is tedious and not all the debris comes out.

Some of the rear car mats are so small that they can be used as place mats. This will make the kitchen a race-inspired theme. Husky weatherbeater liners have their logo on them. When you have guests they will wonder where you found those awesome place mats. The grey ones will work with any kitchen color theme. Plates will rest nicely on the car mats and they will not slide around or damage the table's surface.>

Granite and wood countertops are very expensive. These areas see a lot of pots and pans. Husky floor mats provide a barrier between the surface to prevent scratches and chips. The rubber car mat will also provide a barrier for dropped food. It will be caught in the crevices and can be easily cleaned out. Spaghetti sauce is no match for these liners as their surface will not stain.

Hot plates and dishes from the oven need something to cool on. Huskyliners car mats are a perfect solution over metal cooling plates. They will not become hot and can allow for great heat dissipation through their crevices. These car mats are available in different shapes which will accommodate any unique cooking dish.