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Huskyliners X-act contour

Huskyliners X-act contour floor mats

Conforming floor mats for your vehicle's interior are the best at what they do. Not only do they provide quality protection, but they also take the shape of the surface. Husky liners X-act contour floor mats are the only product to conform to the floor of your vehicle. They are designed from rubber which prevents any major damage as well. Husky liners look great on the inside of any car or truck and use the latest trends to match the interior.

Cheap automotive liners do not take shape of the surface and will stick up in certain places. This allows dirt and water to fall underneath and damage the carpet. X-act contour liners seal off any chances of this happening. They extend to all corners of the floor making for a tight fit. Husky floor protection will not deform like plastic. The underside adheres to the carpet for optimal contact.

When the edges roll up, they become a problem and eventually will break. Husky car mats will outlast the lifetime of your vehicle. The X-act contour mats offer a soft texture that can be used anywhere. Owners could step on these mats barefoot and not even flinch. Husky liners are available in black, grey or tan.

These floor liners use the latest technology to provide owners with quality protection. There is nothing worse than having a product fail in a short period of time. They will outlast any other liner on the market.