Weathertech Digital fit floor mats at discounted price.

Keeping your Weathertech Digitalfit floor mats clean

Weathertech car floor mats

So you just bought your Weathertech digitalfit floor mats and it's the winter. You're probably wondering what they are going to look like when the winter is over and the snow has melted. These digital fit floor mats will only take one wash to take them back to their original state. The floor mat surface is non-stick and extremely durable for easy cleaning. Snow and salt have no chance at penetrating the thermoplastic material.

The Weathertech floor liners can either be hosed down or wiped down with a wet rag. If there are rocks or other debris, then this will come clean by shaking the floor liners out. The channels on the surface allow for all the debris to be maintained in one area so there is no mess. You will not even have to break out the vacuum with the Weathertech car floor mats.

Unlike carpet floor mats, these Weathertech digital fit floor mats don't require any scrubbing. In fact, scrubbing the surface can wipe away the first layer of protection. This layer is non-stick and extremely soft to the tough. Scrubbing it away would only allow for problems to occur. They might not last as long or develop holes.

If there is some residue that will not come off with water, add some soap and it is sure to come clean. There is also no need to spray the surface with a protectant. The thermoplastic material is durable enough on its own and requires no other treatment like vinyl or cloth mats need.