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Weathertech All-Vehicle Mats

Weathertech All-Vehicle Mats

If cost is your biggest concern, then the Weathertech all-vehicle mats are your best option. These affordable car mats are much less expensive than the Weathertech digitalfit floor mats, but still provide superior protection. However, these are not vehicle specific. The Weathertech all vehicle mats require some trimming, which will make for a custom fit. Once the floor mats are trimmed to fit the shape of the floor, they will protect the carpet just as if they were made for the vehicle.

Weathertech takes your average universal floor mats and combines them with the latest technology. These Weathertech custom floor mats are the farthest thing from your average universal style mats. They come equipped with indicated trim lines to make it easy on the user. The Weathertech all vehicle mats have molded-in nibs on the underside to prevent any sliding that is usually associated with universal mats.

The Weathertech custom floor mats also come in various colors including black, tan and grey. These colors match any of the current and previous car interiors. The black floor mats look good in any vehicle, while the tan and grey make for a classy look. The trim-to-fit mats are also odorless and environmentally friendly.

You can still expect all the great qualities that come with every Weathertech floor mat like superior protection, durability and longevity. Purchasing these floor mats will not only protect your interior, but they will leave you some extra money to protect other parts of your car.