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Weathertech Battery Charger

Weathertech Battery Charger

Everyone has had a bad experience in which their automotive battery has died and they either needed a jump or a tow. The Weathertech battery charger is available to prevent these situations. This battery charger is unlike any other charger you have seen due to its design and performance. Nearly every automotive battery charger is big and bulky and cannot be transported easy. Not only will this bring it back to life, but it will let you know what is going on with the car battery as well.

This small battery charger is a great solution for vehicles that sit in the garage all winter to avoid the snow and salt. Letting a car sit that long without driving it or at least starting it up will drain the battery and you will need to replace it. The Weathertech charger can be used on the battery to keep it full charged and it also has a screen that monitors the battery.

The first thing this automotive battery charger does is revive the battery. When the battery is dead, it needs to be woken up and brought back to life. The car battery then receives a constant current charge and eventually becomes fully charged. Cars, trucks and SUVs can be fully charged in as little as 3 to 4 hours depending on the current state of the battery and size.

Not only does this battery charger bring the battery back to life, but it keeps the battery charged with a constant pulse through its monitoring system. You can leave it on for months at a time. Once you take the charger off, the vehicle will immediately start up and you can enjoy the nice weather. It also gives you the choice on the touchpad based on what type of battery you are using.

Most automotive battery chargers are very heavy and take up lots of space. This Weathertech charger is very small and can be stored anywhere. You will not be tripping over thick cables or bulky devices when walking through your garage. The 12-volt battery charger comes with colored battery leads to make installation a breeze.