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Weathertech Car Covers

Weathertech Car Covers

Exterior protection is just as important as interior protection for your car, truck or SUV. Preserving the paint and keeping it look new is sometimes difficult in the outside elements. Weathertech car covers protect your vehicle's paint when you are not using it from the sun and other road debris. The Weathertech car cover is available in an outdoor car cover and an indoor car cover. They are vehicle specific and make for a tight fit when installed.

The Sunbrella car cover is used for when the car sits outside and bakes in the hot sun. The UV rays will destroy the paint and become very faded. Sunbrella is a specially designed fabric to handle the intense rays from the sun. Its UV resistance blocks all direct sunlight and is available in several different colors.

The Form-fit car cover is a custom car cover intended for indoor use when the vehicle is stored inside the garage or a storage unit. Dust and debris will build up on the exterior and damage the paint. Use this Weathertech car cover to protect your classics or your brand new high performance vehicle.

Dents and dings will also happen on vehicles that sit a while in the garage. The Weathertech cover fabric resists against these accidents from happening. It is also highly breathable and will not keep in moisture that will affect the paint. The stretchy indoor car cover is easy to install and will not pop off like some universal car covers do.