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Weathertech Cargo Liner

Weathertech Cargo Liner

The cargo area for any vehicle is a place to transport big items and sometimes dirty ones. The Weathertech cargo liner provides the best protection and will keep your carpets clean. This cargo liner is vehicle specific and will fit your trunk or cargo area to the exact measurements. It is laser cut and designed with high side walls to prevent any debris from falling over the edge.

Anything you plan to transport will remain in its place as well. You will not have to worry about securing it as the Weathertech liner has a non-slip surface. This cargo mat will also stay in its place and avoid sliding around or bunching up while driving. The underside grips the carpet without needing extra hooks or attachments to secure it.

This trunk mat is also perfect for taking your dogs to the park. The cargo liner protects the carpet from dog hair and is very easy to clean. The dog hair doesn't stick to the Weathertech mat due to its non-stick surface. They can jump around all they want and might even fall asleep since the Weathertech liner is so soft. It has a custom blend of thermoplastic material that also remains flexible under the most extreme conditions.

Available for car trunks, SUV, crossovers and minivans, the Weathertech cargo mat protects the resale value of your vehicle. A damaged and nasty looking cargo area would discourage any potential owner. Weathertech floor protection is superior to other mats made from plastic or carpet since it can handle abuse much better.