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Weathertech Digitalfit floor mats

Weathertech floor mats

The most advanced and latest design in floor mats is the Weathertech digitalfit floor mats. These floor mats are laser measured and cut to make a perfect fit in your vehicle's interior. Weathertech interior protection extends to cover all areas of the floor it is applied to. Dirt, debris and liquids have no chance of damaging your carpets or to make a mess. You can hop in after a long day at the park and not worry about having dirty sneakers.

Weathertech digital fit floor mats will protect your carpets to keep the resale value of your vehicle. Dirty carpets with nasty stains and tears will hurt the value of any vehicle upon trade-in or resale. For such affordable prices, these floor mats are the number one upgrade vehicle owners should purchase. The fact that they cover the entire surface makes them more appealing than both the factory floor mats and universal floor mats. Replacing the carpet is not an option as it is very expensive. Permanent stains must stay there and the next owner has to deal with it.

Not only do they protect, but Weathertech digitalfit floor mats keep dirt and debris away from your feet. You will not have to worry about rocks inhibiting your ability to use the brake pedal or gas pedal. Specially designed grooves keep the debris trapped so it does not move around. The last thing you want is your foot slipping off the brake pedal due to the water build up on the floor. Weathertech digitalfit floor mats also have a lower reservoir where the debris is stored. Once filled, simply dump out the floor mats for easy cleanup.

Factory floor mats slide around very easily and can bunch up behind the pedals. Weathertech digitalfit floor mats have a specially designed surface on the underside to prevent any movement while driving, or getting in and out of the vehicle. The driver's side floor mats is also equipped with hooks if the specific vehicle has them. Weathertech digitalfit floor mats keep their shape due to its rigid design from its thermoplastic material. You can abuse them all you want but these floor mats are built for durability and longevity.

Unlike Husky liners, Weathertech digitalfit floor mats only have a 3-year limited warranty against cracking or breaking. But, do not let this fool you. They will not fail, even under the most extreme abuse. The Weathertech digital fit floor mats will outlast the lifetime of your vehicle and will even provide the next owner with complete interior floor protection.

You can even add to the appearance of the interior of your vehicle. Most factory floor mats are outdated and do not look great at all. Weathertech digitalfit floor mats are offered in several colors including black, tan and gray. Not only are the colors appealing, but they use the latest designs to match any current automotive interior. Your passengers will even complement you on how well they look.

Owners can choose these floor mats for the front, rear are cargo area of their vehicle. If you have no passengers, than consider just the fronts and even the cargo liner to protect the trunk area. The rear digital fit mats are contoured to the floor as well, with raised walls to keep in dirt and debris. They are available in one or two piece, depending on your specific vehicle. The digital fit cargo liner also has raised walls with unique channels to sweep away debris from the surface. Outfitting your entire vehicle with Weathertech interior protection is the way to go if you want to keep things tidy.

weathertech  digital fit floor mats

Easy cleanup is quite possible the best characteristic of these floor mats. They have a non-stick surface which is also soft to the touch. Dirt and debris simply wipe off with a rag or can even be hosed down and will not retain the water. Carpet mats become clogged with water and take days to dry out. Weathertech floor mats will never have that problem and become dry instantly.