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Keeping the inside of your vehicle clean is just like keeping the inside of your house clean. You want it to look nice and be free of dirt and debris. The Weathertech drink coasters are automotive inspired coasters that protect your tables from that awful ring. When you set your drink on the table, condensation forms and a wet ring appears underneath. This ring will become permanent and not look so appealing. The Weathertech coasters are the number one drink coasters for your house or apartment.

The Weathertech coasters are shaped just like their floor mats, but in a miniature sized version. They are a neat addition to the inside of any home and serve a legitimate purpose. The rubber coasters are made from Weathertech's quality material that also protects the tables from damage. Heavy or metal glasses can ding soft wood and leave a nasty imprint. Weathertech's kitchen table coasters will also prevent the hot coffee mug from burning a hole in the wood.

The channels inside the floor mat coasters will trap the water and prevent it from spilling onto the table. Other wooden or ceramic coasters do not have these channels. The table coasters are great for the man cave or anyone who just likes great products. They are extremely durable and can be thrown around without concerns.

The drink coasters also prevent minor spills. They are large enough to accommodate some of the biggest cups and will keep spills off your brand new kitchen table. These automotive coasters come in a set of four and are grey in color.