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Weathertech Floor Mats vs. Husky Liners

Weathertech Floor Mats vs. Husky Liners

So you are in the market for new floor mats and you stumble across both Weathertech Floor Mats and Husky Liners. You soon realize that both of these floor mats have their advantages with little to no disadvantages and you are left in a predicament. Weathertech Floor Mats vs. Husky Liners is an ongoing discussion that will most likely never be decided. After all, it comes down to customer preference and some are loyal to their brands.

Pricing may be the number one difference between Weathertech Floor Mats vs. Husky Liners. Husky Liners are cheaper than most of the Weathertech Floor mats and their other automotive accessories. You will also benefit more from Husky Liners due to their lifetime warranty, while Weathertech Floor Mats only come with a 3-year limited warranty. Warranty may be the difference when comparing Weathertech Floor Mats vs. Husky Liners if you use these products beyond their intended use. A lifetime warranty looks much better than a 3-year limited warranty.

Each product also uses different materials in their floor mats. Husky Liners uses a thermoplastic material that is softer than plastic but stronger than rubber and is very flexible. Weathertech floor mats use a high-density tri-extruded material which has been proven to be very durable. Floor mat material plays an important role in how well they handle dirt and debris.

Weathertech Floor Mats vs. Husky Liners is also based on availability. If you have a brand new vehicle and need some floor protection, one company may have them out already while the other one does not. Weathertech floor mats have been known to release their products as soon as the new models come out, while Husky Liners lacks a little bit in this category. However, Husky Liners classic style floor mats fit older vehicle that Weathertech floor mats are not available for.

Your location should also be taken into consideration when comparing Weathertech Floor Mats vs. Husky Liners. Weathertech automotive accessories have over 20 distributors worldwide and are 100% made in the United States. Husky Liners are also made in the United States, but do not have distributors worldwide.

Weathertech floor mats only have two styles to choose from while Husky Liners have four styles. Both of these automotive accessory companies have custom fit floor mats and universal floor mats, depending on what your needs are. The Weathertech floor mats have higher side walls to protect the carpet, while the Husky Liners are available in high side walls or low side walls. Some people would like to choose this option.

The logo is completely different for each company as well. The Weathertech Floor Mats logo is bright and stands out, while the Husky Liners logo blends in with the floor liner material and can almost not be seen. Husky Liners will be mistaken for factory floor mats and others will recognize the Weathertech floor mats due to the size and placement of their logo.

Both companies started out around the same time designing their automotive accessories and have made great strides. They each use laser cut technology which has measurements from each vehicle to make a perfect cut every time. The colors are also the same for both Weathertech Floor mats and Husky Liners which is black, tan and grey.

As you can see, there are several factors to consider when comparing Weathertech floor mats vs. Husky Liners. In the end, it all comes down to which you feel will better suite your needs, and you cannot go wrong with either one.