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Weathertech LampGard Headlight Protection

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There are many things we can do to protect the exterior of our vehicles. Exterior protection can be done by washing and waxing, paint protection films, rain guards, and headlight protection films. Weathertech LampGard headlight protection is headlight protection in the form of a urethane film. This urethane film is very durable and will not fade from direct sunlight. The Weathertech LampGard will protect against rock chips and cracks that will destroy your headlights.

Weathertech headlight protection is an affordable upgrade that prevents unnecessary headlight replacements. Some automotive headlights can cost over one thousand dollars and even more. The Weathertech LampGard is very easy to install and requires no drilling. It is also invisible and does not change the output of the headlight.

When rocks and other road debris contact the headlight, they will crack and change the light output. This can be very dangerous while driving at night. Exterior protection is the number one form or vehicle protection to keep this from happening. You will only spend a few minutes putting the film on which will last you a lifetime. The film will also protect your resale value when trading in or selling the vehicle. Damaged headlights would greatly decrease the value of any vehicle.

Not only does this protect your headlights, but Weathertech light protection it also comes in fog light protection, turn signal protection and parking light protection depending on your vehicle. The films are vehicle specific and cut to match each specific light.