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Weathertech MudFlap

Weathertech MudFlap

The Weathertech MudFlap is a no-drill mud flap that will protect your vehicle's paint from dirt, slush, snow and other road debris. The mud guards are made from durable thermoplastic materials that are specific for each vehicle and contour to the existing body lines. The Weathertech mud flaps require no hardware or tools to install them and include a fastener that secures them to the vehicle's body.

Fenders, rocker panels, running boards and quarter panels see a lot of dirt throughout the day, especially in wet conditions. The Weathertech mud guards are custom mud guards that prevent debris from building up on these exterior panels. When dirt builds up, the paint will start to fade and eventually rust. This can cost thousands of dollars to repair. The digitalfit mudflaps are an affordable upgrade to prevent such high repairs.

Rock chips are also prevented with these splash guards. They provide the best exterior protection to maintain your paint and keep it looking fresh. There is nothing worse than rock chips throughout the car's exterior, especially on darker colors like black and dark blue.

The Weathertech mud flaps also protect vehicles driving behind you. When your tires kick up rocks, they travel in the air and can damage the front of any vehicle driving close behind. The rocks will also chip the windshield if big enough. The Weathertech mud guards act as a barrier for the rocks and pebbles to contact so they are not shot up into the air. This occurs the most on heavy duty trucks and SUVs because of the bigger wheels.