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Weathertech Pet Barrier

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The Weathertech Pet Barrier is a car pet barrier that protects your rear seats from damage. Traveling with your dogs isn't the easiest of tasks, especially if they aren't in a cage. The >Weathertech barrier acts as a wall between the rear seats and the pet. The pet will not be able to destroy the cloth or leather seats and will not have the chance to jump up to the front seats.

The automotive pet barrier is made from rubberized coating that is soft and does not hurt the pet in any way. It is installed without using any tools and adjustable to accommodate both small and larger animals. The Weathertech pet cage keeps the animals safe in the back of the vehicle while driving and you will not have to worry about them flipping over the rear seats.

This interior protection can fit a wide range of vehicles like SUVs and minivans with large cargo areas. The pet divider will protect your seats from needing repairs or replacement. Car seats cost hundreds of dollars and can be difficult to find. The car pet protector is an affordable addition that will save you lots of money in the long run.

The ends of the pet barrier extend to the floor, roof and sides. It is held in place from the applied pressure and can be adjusted for smaller vehicles. The Weathertech barrier is designed not to take up too much room so the owner can still fit everything they normally would in the cargo area.