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Weathertech PetSTEP

Weathertech PetSTEP

The Weathertech PetSTEP is the number one way of getting your pets in and out of your vehicle, as well as up and down the steps. Larger pets are heavy and put a lot of stress on us when we pick them up. The PetSTEP is designed to avoid any of that and can handle any size of animal. It is made from a very durable material that is easy to transport and also folds in half for smaller inclines and declines.

Some vehicles are just too big for your animals to hop into. Trucks and SUVs are being made bigger and bigger and are sometimes difficult to get into for us humans. The Weathertech pet step is an affordable and easy way of allowing your pets to climb right up into the vehicle. The surface is soft and easy to grip so the animals will have no chance of slipping and hurting themselves.

Older pets also have trouble getting in and out of vehicles and need some assistance. The owner can pull out the pet ramp and lay it down for the dog to walk down. This makes it easier on both the owner and the pet.

The dog ramp could also be used for stairs inside your house since it is adjustable. Some dogs are scared of going up and down stairs and often wait for their owner to pick them up. The Weathertech pet step makes this task easy without putting strain on the person. It can also be folded up and easily stored away.

Most animals weigh more than the 18 pound pet ramp. It will be much easier for the person to lay down this ramp than to pick up a 40 or 50 pound dog to get them in the truck.

The folding pet ramp also has leg attachments that can turn this into a table for grooming or washing your pets outside. It is sturdy enough to support the heaviest animals and they will not complain about the surface. Once your pets are washed, you can use it to tailgate or make your garden chores easier.