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Weathertech RackSack Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Weathertech RackSack Rooftop Cargo Carrier

This rooftop cargo carrier is the perfect way of transporting your extra luggage that you cannot fit in your vehicle. Sometimes there is not enough room or there are too many passengers. The Weathertech RackSack Rooftop Cargo Carrier is roof cargo bag that gets mounted to your existing roof rack. It can hold a lot of storage due to its size of 13 cubic feet. You will not have to leave anything behind when you are using this luggage carrier.

The roof bags are made from a polyester material that will protect the luggage from rain and any other type of weather conditions or road debris. The Weathertech RackSack is easily transported with its straps and can be carried to and from the vehicle. Other types of roof cargo carriers need to be unloaded and cannot be transported by hand.

The soft design also prevents any damage to the roof of your vehicle. It is installed using a couple of straps to avoid needing tools when using it. If you have a taller vehicle, using the Weathertech BumpStep would be a perfect situation for this as it provides easy access to your vehicle's roof.

The Weathertech RackSack is also easily stored when not in use. It can be folded up and stored anywhere. This makes it much more appealing than other plastic rooftop luggage carriers. This rooftop cargo carrier will fit anything you need and acts as a great secondary storage device when the van is full.